If you are thinking about listing your home, here are some things to consider before we put a for sale sign on the front lawn:

Get outside: Make sure you prune your trees and bushes, especially those that may be obstructing views of the house or blocking sunlight.

Fix it: Focus on some basic maintenance and repairs. From plumbing leaks to rusty rain gutters, a few hundred dollars in small fixes could increase the value by thousands.

Tidy up: An easy approach is to go room-by-room through your house to get rid of any unnecessary clutter like photos on the fridge and drawings on the corkboard. Even though it's still your home, removing some of the more personal items can offer potential home-buyers a better chance to envision the home with their belongings in it.  

Don’t panic: Rushing to market may seem like a good idea but taking some time to do it right will be more rewarding in the end.